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Joint Institutions Job Information System

JIJIS, an online job platform shared by eight UGC-funded Hong Kong universities, links recruiters with over 130,000 students and graduates. Offering free postings, it supports a network of 20,000 companies, making it a pivotal resource for graduate recruitment and career development.

Human Resources Office, CUHK

It is a central hub for managing university human resources, offering comprehensive details on employment, staff benefits, training, and development. Integrated with CUHK Onepass, it provides updates on HR announcements and events, ensuring easy and efficient information retrieval.



The IVFHK website under CUHK’s ART unit, offers comprehensive fertility treatment resources for patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers. It provides clear, detailed information to support patients through their fertility treatment journey.


Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This website serves the CUHK Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Prince of Wales Hospital communities, offering resources for students and clinical service information for public Hospital Authority and private CUHK services.


CUHK Innovation Limited

CUHK Innovation Limited invest in innovative businesses related to CUHK's technologies and startups. It aims to fund startup growth, connect CUHK with entrepreneurs, and promote entrepreneurship through networking events, webinars and investment summits.


AI-Driven Vaccine Communicator, PolyU

AI Driven Vaccine Communicator research project aims to address vaccine hesitancy through an AI assistant. The website provides information about the project, learning modules on common vaccine-preventable respiratory diseases to interact with the AI assistant, and registration to participate in the research.


Cross Institutional Credit-transfer Information System

The PolyU-CICIS website provides essential information on credit transfers between sub-degree and degree programs at UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong, aiding students in informed academic planning.


Language Tutoring Booking System, HKU Cedars

The HKU CEDARS Language Tutoring Booking System facilitates bookings for peer-led English and Cantonese tutoring sessions, aiming to enhance language skills and social communication through detailed programme guidelines.


Hong Kong University Press

The HKU Press website offers a user-friendly platform to explore and purchase academic publications, featuring detailed book descriptions and author information to extend the university's scholarly reach.


Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, CUHK

The CUHK-ORKTS website serves as a central hub for research information, offering a user-friendly interface that facilitates access to funding opportunities, policies, and support services. It promotes collaboration and showcases the university's research achievements.



The Joint CUHK-NTEC CREC was established to oversee clinical research involving human subjects conducted by or in the premises of CUHK and NTEC hospitals and is responsible for initial ethics review and continuous oversight of clinical studies from ethical and scientific perspectives.


Department of Clinical Oncology, CUHK

The website showcases an integrated academic and clinical unit, featuring staff profiles, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, clinical research, lab work, the Comprehensive Cancer Trials Unit, upcoming events, and publications.


New Students Orientation 2023, CUHK

The CUHK Orientation 2023 website is a complete guide for new students, offering resources like event calendars, information sessions, and course registration to ease their transition to university life.


English Language Teaching Unit, CUHK

The CUHK ELTU website provides detailed information on English courses designed to boost the academic and professional communication skills of non-native speakers. It provides course details, learning objectives, and support resources like workshops and materials, enhancing students' English proficiency at CUHK.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

It is a user-friendly global online bookstore, enabling readers worldwide to easily browse, preview, and purchase a wide array of books and academic journals.


Department of Social Work, CUHK

The CUHK Social Work Department website details its programs, faculty, and research, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in social work education and community impact through comprehensive resources and information.


CLAP@JC E-learning Hub, CUHK

The website offers online resources such as best practices, animations, audio-visual materials, symposia, and conferences, along with benchmarks for career and life development of younger generations.